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February, 2006 

Dear Former Students:

I am back!  I have been back since before Christmas, but I had many things to attend to.  Among others, my wife, Ana Claudia is now in England working so I’ll be spending lots more time here, working, and seeing that my daughters are cared for.  I will be teaching full time, but I also am starting several ventures.

I am working with a Brazilian friend on translating and editing now.  He does the basic translation and I edit it to see that all is in “Good Understandable” English.  Some of you may know that I have a great deal of experience as a writer in the U.S., having written software and technical manuals, educational materials, and sales literature, and many web pages on the internet.  It never ceases to amaze me how poorly written many of the English translations of Brazilian Publications are.   Now you and your associates have the opportunity to have them well written!  We are also doing web sites in English and Portuguese.  I know how to get them to show up high on the US search engines too.

I am investigating starting a testing facility.  This will be all computer and Internet based testing, plus computerized training and computer and internet access (also possibly gaming). I already have an agreement with Educational Testing Service of New Jersey (one of the most important testing companies in the US) and a local English School.  I am looking for more people to help me with this project.  I primarily need investors now.  If you or someone you know is interested let me know and I will send you more information.  As you all know the Brazilian workforce needs to be increasingly technically educated and many professions require periodic training and evaluation, not only doctors and nurses, but also engineers, teachers, etc.  This is a big business (multi billions of dollars a year) in the US, and we plan to get into it in Brazil.

I am also setting up some immersion workshops in English.  Anyone interested in spending some Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays in intensive and fun all English Intensives please contact me with your ideas and requests.  You can see some of this information on my web site:

Call me if you want more classes or need other assistance.  Note my home phone is the same: 27 3329 5883, but I have a new cell phone: 27 8812 0001.  Note my new address above too.

To see our current curriculum go to:

Thanks for your time.

Ray Merry

Here’s some quotes from my recent physics students in the US:

Melanie Alexander, October, 2005: "You made the worst class I've ever had interesting, which I thought was impossible!"

Merlanda Estimable, October, 2005: "I now know physics is not only for rocket scientists.  Physics is involved in every second that we live and every breath that we breathe.”


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