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April 1, 2006 

Dear Students, Former Students, Prospective Students, and Friends:

Well many of my classes are in full swing now.  We have a beginners class, a teens class, an intermediate class, and an advanced class, plus over 7 additional private students, with more joining every week.  If you want private classes, sign up now, we still have open time on Tuesday and Thursdays, and Fridays.

The first Saturday in May, May 6, 2006, we are starting our English Class For Business and Import-Export.  This class is for beginners who need English for business, especially import-export.  The same day we will begin our TOEFL and TOEIC classes.  TOEFL and TOEIC preparation courses will be Saturdays from 1:00 PM a 3:00 PM  (13:00-15:00), or 2 hours The class will last 4 months for a total of 32 hours for TOEIC. TOEFL students will continue for 3 more months for a total of 7 mos or about 50 hours total.

We will also have an Intermediate-Advanced Conversation class that morning.  All these classes will be held on Saturdays at the Ed. Alphaville Trade Center, right in the heart of Reta da Pehna, in Praia da Conta, Vitoria.   You can contact me or Deborah Scarton, at the center, (27) 3315-7766 or 9996 7349 for more information.*  Class size is limited, sign up now!

We have done several translation projects, and received good feedback about them, and are continuing work in that area.  We are also doing web sites in English and Portuguese.  I am gradually converting more of my web site to Portuguese and English, but since I have over 1400 pages, I doubt that it is ever all in Portuguese, especially the courses I taught in American like PC Repair, etc.

We are still investigating the possibility of doing a testing facility.  However now we are looking for a partner who already has 15 or more PC's and who wants to expand his business.  This will be all computer and Internet based testing, plus computerized training and computer and internet access (also possibly gaming).   We hope to have the testing in place before our first students finish our TOEFL course, which will be this November.  If you or someone you know is interested let me know and I will send you more information.  

Call me if you want more classes or need other assistance.  Note my home phone is the same: (27) 3329 5883, but I have a new cell phone: (27) 8812 0001. Note my new address above too.

Remember for information call, email or go to our web site:

To see our current curriculum go to:

Thanks for your time.

Ray Merry

Here’s some quotes from my recent physics students in the US:

Melanie Alexander, October, 2005: "You made the worst class I've ever had interesting, which I thought was impossible!"

Merlanda Estimable, October, 2005: "I now know physics is not only for rocket scientists.  Physics is involved in every second that we live and every breath that we breathe.”

 * Aqui estão as direções de como chegar ao cursos no Alphaville, Trade Center: fica no cruzamento da Reta da Penha com a Av. Rio Branco, em frente ao Banestes da Reta da Penha. Este cruzamento, que fica depois do Boulevard da Praia e depois do Centro da Praia, é o único cruzamento da Reta da Penha. O endereço, na verdade, é: Praça San Martin nº84, Ed. Alphaville Trade Center, Sala 601, Praia do Canto.

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