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Newsletter, January 10, 2007 

New Classrooms, New Classes, New Teacher, January Intensives, New Billing Procedure. 

Dear Students, Former Students, Prospective Students, and Friends:

First let me say Happy New Year to all our current and former students and friends and those currently considering classes with us. Now lets get on with the news! We are very excited about several things. 

English classes for younger kids
We are offering English classes for younger kids now starting with age 4 (see details attached), and my wife Ana is going to be the teacher. Some of you know she has been studying English for 5 years now (including 5 years talking to and being corrected by me), then 2 ˝ years at IBEUV, and terminating with a 6 months stay in London. Besides having taught youngsters before she has 3 of our own ( 3, 5, and 6 years old), and I might add she is an excellent mother. She is working hard now on developing many creative materials and signing up students. 

New Classrooms Downtown
We are moving into new quarters downtown. We are sharing an office in downtown Vila Velha, right near Marista Academy. It is in the Edificio "Centro da Vila Shopping", on Rua Henrique Moscoso, number 1010, in suite 715.  We have two classrooms and a reception area there and can accommodate more students.  I am sure you will all find the facilities nicer there and the area is secure and easy to reach.  See the photos below


Summer school in January, Special Promotion
Since many of my students are on holiday in January and part of February and in order to kick off the new classroom we are offering 6 weeks of intensive classes during "Summer School" with a special promotion price:  8 hours a week for beginners, intermediates, and advanced level students for only R$160 per week or R$ 640 per month.

Regular classes start Monday February 5
Since my time is limited and class size is limited to 5 you need to call now to sign up to reserve your time and space.  We are changing our billing and rates. Billing will now be per term by month, and as before payable in advance the first week of the month. Classes on holidays will be optional as before. Special arrangements may be made in case of need.   Old students need to check to see if their billing is changed.  Most classes will be in our new classrooms and as a result students will pay a little more starting in February.

Entrance to Centro da Vila Shopping", on Rua Henrique Moscoso

Large Classroom in New Office Building Showing the View

Small Classroom

Reception Area

Call us if you want more classes or need other assistance.  

To reach us use our office phone: (27) 3034 1650 or my cell phone: (27) 8812 0001. 
Remember for information call, email or go to our web site:

Thanks for your time.

Ray Merry

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