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This is a list of the Schools I attended, and/or worked at. Some of the schools where I taught, some of my informal training, and some of my jobs gave me a more important education than some of the schools. As a result some of my work is listed and noted accordingly

English Professor, Curriculum Development and Writing: PLAN Idiomas Direcionados, Private Class English School and others.  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Aug 2008 to present. 

Adjunct Professor of Physics, Keiser University,1500 NW. 49th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309.  Tel: (954) 776-4456 Adjunct Professor of Physics and Math.  January 2005 to April 2008.

English Professor and translator  Vila Velha and Vitoria, ES, Brazil: IBEUV - Vila Velha ; IDIOMAS ESCOLA DA LINGUAS, R. Madeira de Freitas 90, Praia do Canto, Vitoria, ES.and IBEUV Vitoria, 2002-2007

Adjunct Professor, MICRO COMPUTER SERVICE MAINTENANCE, PC REPAIR, CET 1171 and EEV-0851 Miami-Dade College, North Campus, August 1999 to Nov. 2001.

Adjunct Professor, JOHNSON AND WALES UNIVERSITY, N. MIAMI, FL Teaching MS Office and Introduction to Computers, in modern PC Lab. January 2000 to Nov 2001

Physical Science Teacher: Porta High School, Petersburg, IL, 1978-80. Taught Physical Science, Algebra and Chemistry. This was a Temporary 2 year position I took to allow my business time to develop enough to support me financially. My last full time teaching position with kids. Great kids, and great fun, but only had a 2 year provisional teaching certificate in Illinois. I really got started in my Solar Energy Work while I was here.

Physics Teacher: Ridge H.S., Basking Ridge, N.J., Sept. 1977-Jan. 1978. Taught regular and Project Physics as replacement for teacher on 6 months maternity leave. Salary $20,000/year. Position terminated when teacher decided to return after birth of her child.

Science Teacher: Riverdale Country School, Bronx, N.Y., Sept. 1975-June 1977. Taught 9th grade physical science (IPS), Physics (11th12th), Honors Physics, Science and Society, and Physics Seminar at Independent School. $12,000/year. Left for public sector and higher wages.

Founder, Director: The Ark (Alternative Jr./Sr. High School), Mt. Tremper, N.Y., June 1972-Feb. 1975. Completely organized, started and ran independent, experimental school near Woodstock, N.Y. Supervised staff of 3 full-time and 12 part-time teachers. Organized workshop programs summers 1973 and 1974. Reorganized and ran The Transformation Foundation, non profit corporation acting as umbrella for school. Salary $300/month. I at least partially accomplished one of my dreams with The Ark, I developed a true learning community for the students where they had a large voice in their education. Many students were turned around here. Some of them were failing in the public schools, and then returned to great success.

Editor, Writer: High School Science Sections, Project PLAN, Westinghouse Learning Corp., New York, N.Y., Aug. to Dec. 1972. Revised sections of individualized programmed instruction packets for high school general science and physics courses. $1400/month, temporary position while planning The Ark.

Chairman Science Department: Elizabeth Irwin H.S., New York, N.Y., 1971-72. Reorganized H.S. Science Curriculum. Integrated middle school and high school science curriculum. Introduced new science courses and student curriculum survey. Supervised two staff members; taught 9th grade integrated science course; "Science and Society" (10th12th); and physics (12th). Enrollment in elective science courses increased by 50% during my tenure.

Science Teacher: Middle and Upper School, St. Ann's Episcopal School, Brooklyn Heights, N.Y. 1969-71. Experimental school for gifted children (IQ > 135). Expanded and taught lab courses for general science, physics and biology courses (4th10th), expanded and taught physics-general science (5th6th). $7000-$8000/year. Left for higher paying position with more responsibility. This is where and when I really learned how to teach. There were many brilliant people here, students, staff, and teachers, and I profitted greatly from my experience with them. I hated to leave this place!

Director of Group Activities, Master of Ceremonies, Musician: The Group Image, New York, N.Y. 1967-68. Became involved with this group while arranging to go to Europe. Coordinated activities of rock bands and light shows, acted as "floor man" for dances, directed audience participation, played harmonica with band in Multi-media rock concert-dances. Wages varied from $100/hour to nothing. Left to start own band, then traveled throughout Europe 5 months. This was one of my best times physchologically and spiritually. I studied Yoga, and with my fellow "Hippies" in the Group Image I was able to develop my first real concept of "self worth" and self motivation and direction.

Integral Yoga Institute, NYC, 1967-1970  Studied Integral Yoga (Hatha Yoga, Meditation, etc.) at the Institute in NYC with Swami Satchitananda and his disciples.  This was a turning point in my life.  It helped me to gain control over my body, my mind, and my life.  Reached the point of advanced student.

Molecular Device Engineer: Norden Div. United Aircraft Corp., Norwalk, CT, 1966-67. Research and Development in microelectronics, also wrote and edited spec manuals for technicians. Company got new contract and wanted me to work overtime, since I was commuting from NYC this was impossible, also planned to travel to Europe.

Demonstrator in Physics: The University of Adelaide, Adelaide, S. Australia, 1964-65. Taught first year university physics, while initiating research program on protonic conduction in organic substances in PH.D program. Salary 1300 Australian Pounds/year. Resigned to return to U.S.  This was a very important experience for me, especailly living in Australia.  It taught me that many things I had taken for granted were relevant.  Even though Australia is an English speaking country, many of the words are different, the sense of humor is different, the sports are different, and the politics, geography, and many other points are different.  This really brought home to me the effects of culture on a person.  

Assistant Professor of Physics: Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY, 1963-64. Taught undergraduate courses in Physical Science, Nuclear, Modern and General Physics. $7000/yr. Urged by Univ. to get PH.D, so left for position in Australia teaching and working on Ph.D.

Space Physicist: Lockheed Aircraft, CALAC, Spacecraft Div., Burbank, CA, 1962-63. Engineering research and proposal writing on effects of extraterrestrial radiation and meteoroids on manned spacecraft. $7200-$8400/yr. Left for college teaching position because of poor work environment (5 months after I left Co. Division was eliminated).  Los Angeles was my first experience out of my sheltered bubble of the WASP life.  I grew up in a small Midwestern town in a very middle class setting, and until I got out of school and the University Environment did not realize that the "Work Ethic" was not a universal law of nature, and that not every one practiced it.  This was a very difficult thing for me to come to grips with at the time, since I had dedicated myself to very conscientous study in Graduate School, with the belief that when I got out I would immediately get to use all this knowledge I had sacrificed so much of my time and pleasure for.  Unfortunately Lockheed CALAC was on a "Cost Plus Fixed Fee" contract and so efficiency and knowledge were sometimes at cross purposes with their goals..  

Graduate Assistant in Physics: Ohio University, Athens, OH, 1960-62. Two year position while working on MS degree. Set up and taught labs and problem sessions for first year physics courses. $2000/yr./12 hour week.  I really started to learn Physics when I had to teach it to others.  Teaching physics and my desire to be able to do it successfuly forced me to learn to be a good communicator.




North Miami Beach Kaballah Center, North Miami Beach, Florida 1997-1998. Studied Kaballah I, II, and III at this Center.

Kenley Metaphysical Center, 4940 Lauderhill, Florida, 1995-2000 Studied Metaphysics and did natural healing at this Metaphysical Center

Lotus 123, Lincoln Land Community College Spring 1987, 3 hrs-A.

Microcomputers and Programming in Basic, Lincoln College, Lincoln, IL, 1983.

INTEGRAL YOGA INSTITUTE, NYC, 1967-1970 Studied Integral Yoga (Hatha Yoga, Meditation, etc.) at the Institute in NYC with Swami Satchitananda and his disciples. This was a turning point in my life. It helped me to gain control over my body, my mind, and my life. Reached the point of advanced student.

MUSIC THEORY AND CHROMATIC HARMONICA: Turtle Bay Music School, New York, N.Y. 1967-72.


SCIENCE EDUCATION, Teacher's College, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 1975-76 (9 Graduate sem. hours of A).

INTERRELATIONSHIPS OF SCIENCE AND SOCIETY: National Science Foundation Sponsored Summer Institute and Curriculum Development Program, Knox College, Galesburg, IL. Summers 1971 and 1972 (8 sem. Hours, Science Education).

GRADUATE RESEARCH IN SOLID STATE PHYSICS: University of Adelaide, Adelaide, S. Australia, 1964-65.

MS PHYSICS (Research Thesis in Solid State Physics), Ohio University, Athens, OH, 1963.


BS PHYSICS (Minors in Math & Chem), Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL, 1960.


  • SENIOR COMMON ROOM, St. Mark's College, Adelaide, S. Australia;
  • SIGMA PI SIGMA(Honorary Physics-Chapter President-Graduate School);
  • KAPPA MU EPSILON (Honorary Math-Undergraduate School);
  • THE SOCIETY OF THE SIGMA XI (Honorary Scientific Research);
  • High School and Elementary:

    Lincoln Community High, Lincoln Illinois

    Grade School (Grades 1-8) Lincoln Central School, Lincoln Illinois

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