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The Group Image

I have decided to add this page in the hopes that it will be an inspiration for me to write about these times in my life.  I feel that this is a story that should be told.  I am sure many in the younger generations can find joy and inspiration in this true story, and those who went through this experience with me can enjoy reminiscing!

What was the Group Image:

This is what I say about the Group Image on my Resume:

DIRECTOR OF GROUP ACTIVITIES, MASTER OF CEREMONIES, MUSICIAN: The Group Image, New York, N.Y. 1967 - 68. Became involved with this group while arranging to go to Europe. Coordinated activities of rock bands and light shows, acted as "floor man" for dances, directed audience participation, played harmonica with band in Multi-media rock concert-dances. Wages varied from $100/hour to nothing. Left to start own band, then traveled throughout Europe 5 months. This was one of my best times psychologically and spiritually.  Prior to these times I was a very confused young man. In this period I began an intensive study of Integral Yoga, dropped out of my previous life as a scientist, and with the help of my fellow "Hippies" in the Group Image and surrounding environs I was able to develop a belief in my own "self worth" and began to develop concepts of self-motivation and direction that would last me throughout my life.



Everything above is true, but the group Image was much more in my life and many others.  Here is my part of the story.


The Group Image was the First East Coast Hippy Commune.  On the East Coast we were the most well know group.  We had numerous activities including our Weekly Celebrations.  I first met the Group Image when I was out shopping in my new Hip Neighborhood, the East Village.  For me, a conservatively raised midwesterner it was like a visit to a different planet.  They were people, but so different and exciting than any I had ever known.


I was shopping at this used clothing store, which had some of the neatest things, old Bobby capes from England, old Conductorsí Coats, etc. etc.  All of a sudden a mass of people descended and had this happening.  They started smoking these peelings from Bananas, playing music, and doing all sorts of creative exciting things.  I was entranced.  I learned they were the Group Image, and that they would be having a show in a few days at a local church.  I would definitely be there.


The next thing I knew I was a member!

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