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Here are just a few of the Key Experiences Which Make Ray Merry an invaluable asset:

President and Co-Founder: Writersforhire, Inc.  Co-founded internet company for authors, set up web site, wrote literature, worked on sales, developed marketing plan, etc.

Director of Web Operation for Web Site Company  Helped Digital Media Worldwide, Inc. set up internet business.  Helped purchase PC's and other components and set up Local Area Network, and operational procedures, trained staff, set up accounting and database, form letter system, set up web site procedures, developed web sites, etc.

Spanish Bookseller and other web projects:  "Spanish Book" Seller project. Developed their Web Presence and an Internet business strategy. Helped them modify their procedures to save time and automate their sales newsletters, inventory, and catalogues for simultaneous hard copy print and publishing to the Web. The catalogue was previously an MS Word document and very time consuming to update. He converted the catalogue to Dbase format, wrote a Dbase program to update the catalogue and publish it to the Web. He also prepared procedures and files to merge the Dbase program to MSWord and automatically create Title and Author indexes. The whole catalogue can now easily be updated in the database, once it is updated the list can immediately be sent to the Web, and a new hard copy can be generated in less than an hour.  The Web Site allows browsers to apply for accounts, browse the catalogue online, and order online.  Ray also consulted and assisted United Parts, a company selling auto parts to Brazil, with their web site. Three months after the site was up it was bringing in 20% of their sales.

PRESIDENT, DREAM VEHICLES, Inc. Ray Founded the Corporation March 1995- Selling People Movers converted from jeeps or trucks to look like a Model 1835 Steam Train. He was involved in the financing, design, hiring and supervising subcontractors in all phases of production of the vehicles, and was in charge of sales.  The company  developed several impressive product lines, and established markets for each. Originally Ray was involved only as an investor, but the person in charge proved unreliable, so he had to get involved to protect his investment.  Ray took the photos of production and the completed vehicles, scanned them, and converted them for the Web. He also wrote all the promotional literature for the Web and other advertising for this company. 

CHICA DA SILVA HAIR SALON: In 1991 Ray got involved with friends of his (now Ex) spouse and refinanced and reorganized failed attempt at starting a hair salon.  Developed business plan, got funding, got business and building permits, and got the saloon completed, and business up and running. 

OWNER, CONSULTANT, TRAINER: RAYS Consulting (FKA RAYS ENERGY CONSULTANTS), 1978 to present. Started and ran own energy consulting firm in Springfield IL. Began in solar energy and energy saving design, and training. Relocated to Pompano Beach, FL, July 1988. August 1989-September 1991 started and ran retail computer, software, and training store with my ex-wife. Sold, repaired, consulted, and trained on IBM PC compatible computers and software. Helped with repairs, and upgrading computers, and made sure computers we assembled were working properly. After separation from wife in 1991 sold interest in the store, and returned to training and consulting. Have worked with and setup Multi-Media Computer and software using Laser Disks, Sound Boards, Touch Screens, CD ROM, and other advanced features for Interactive Video Systems. Then started training, consulting, and programming in IBM Compatible software. Training and consulting specialties included Internet, Windows, Introduction to Computers, Build Your Own Computer, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word for Windows, Word Perfect, Microsoft Works, Lotus, Excel, PageMaker, QuickBooks, Quicken, MS Fax, WinFax, and ACT! (Contact Management). Contact Management. Developed curriculum, and handled outside instructors as well as taught these areas. Programming in DBASE III, and IV, using Arago/Quicksilver. Served as Beta Test Site for Laplink for Windows 95, and Quickbooks for Windows 95.  Developed numerous web sites and assisted numerous businesses with problems.  Customers included local computer companies hospitals, dentists, etc.

Professional Energy Analyst. Ported package to over 12 different types of microcomputers, including Apple 2, TRS 80's, CPM machines, Commodore 64, and IBM PC compatibles. Wrote much of the code in Basic, along with the 300 page user's guide and several articles and documents related to energy (see MEDIA section) including "Energy Usage, Costs & Records", a 100 page document explaining energy usage, utility billing, and other energy related matters. Software customers included AT&T, Carnation, Hewlitt Packard, Prudential Realty, State of Illinois, and over 150 other businesses, governmental agencies, utilities, and small energy firms. Gained extensive access to world wide computerized weather data. Developed means to predict sales, energy usage, plant growth or other weather influenced variables with this data. Obtained daily electronic weather data. Transformed and resold the data to selected customers. Developed "Shared Savings" calculations and software to track energy savings from utility bills using weather data and other factors. Developed computer spreadsheets to determine savings, ROI, payback, and Life Cycle Costs (including labor, inflation, etc.) from fuel switching, energy conservation, and other measures. Since 1982 have trained numerous people in basic computer operations on IBM PC compatible and other systems. Selected and set up numerous hardware and software systems for own business including database spreadsheets, and other software to keep books, track inquiries, do mailings, and analyze business, such as correlating sales with advertising source, time before purchase, etc. In 198082 developed curriculum for 12 week solar energy and energy auditor training program for state of Illinois minimum-security prison, with national recognition (Solar Age Magazine, July 1983). Students of program with my assistance designed and built solar heated greenhouse and 150 foot Trombe Wall (special type of solar collector). Designed and rebuilt mobile home in 1979 to be energy efficient and solar heated.

Energy Consultant  Helped numerous businesses in the 70's with reducing energy costs, and implementing solar design.

THE ARK, FOUNDER, DIRECTOR: The Ark (Alternative Jr./Sr. High School), Mt. Tremper, N.Y., June 1972-Feb. 1975. Completely organized, started and ran independent, experimental school near Woodstock, N.Y. Supervised staff of 3 full-time and 12 part-time teachers. Organized workshop programs summers 1973 and 1974. Reorganized and ran The Transformation Foundation, non profit corporation acting as umbrella for school. Obtained state certification and approval.

MOLECULAR DEVICE ENGINEER: Norden Div. United Aircraft Corp., Norwalk, CT, 196667. Research and Development in microelectronics, also wrote and edited spec manuals for technicians.

DEMONSTRATOR IN PHYSICS: The University of Adelaide, Adelaide, S. Australia, 196465. Taught first year university physics, while initiating research program on protonic conduction in organic substances in PH.D program.

SPACE PHYSICIST: Lockheed Aircraft, CALAC, Spacecraft Div., Burbank, CA, 196263. Engineering research and proposal writing on effects of extraterrestrial radiation and meteoroids on manned spacecraft. (5 months after I left Co. Division was eliminated).

Home Consulting Experience Special Skills Business Opportunity Brazil to USA USA to Brazil Transmar Consultoria Top 10 Win XP Tips