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Ray Merry's References

Here's what a few people have said about Ray over the years: * 

Melanie Alexander, October, 2005: "You made the worst class I've ever had interesting, which I thought was impossible!"

Merlanda Estimable, October, 2005: "I now know physics is not only for rocket scientists.  Physics is involved in every second that we live and every breath that we breathe."

Mel Richards, Former Computer Repair Student, February 2003: "Hope you are doing well and still in Rio. While your sage advice and council are sorely missed here in FL, all the best to you and your new life.  I just wanted to wish you well, let you know how I'm doing, and say thanks for the education that made me a standout in a group of interns... some with A+ certifications."

Scott Halpern, Credit Manager, Plantation Ford, Plantation, FL., September 1992: "I have never been more satisfied with a service that I am paying for. No other service that I have ever purchased has been more rewarding or provided services that were above and beyond what I was paying for. Ray Merry is professional and down to business. He is an excellent instructor and really knows his subject."

Gene Beenenga Director Business Development Center, Lincoln Land Community College, 1989: "Your efforts contributed substantially to the overall success of the Home Weatherization Program."

Jack Esslinger, Supervisor, Weatherization Tech Unit, State of Illinois, 1988: "demonstrated an ongoing interest and dedication in developing the current curriculum... We look forward to his continued help.."

Fred Yebra, Program Manager, Energy Efficiency Division, Public Utility Commission of Texas. 1985 "Amazed by the many capabilities of your (Professional Energy Analyst) program and how well it records, analyzes, and prints data. Congratulations on developing an excellent program",

Stanley Stern, Managing Partner Stern Brothers, Springfield IL. 1984 "My architect and I were favorably impressed with the detail and format of the energy audit as well as Mr. Merry's knowledge and cooperation...his input has been invaluable...highly recommend him",

Solar Age Magazine, 1983: "One of the nation's most energetic... educators".

Gordon Stillman, Headmaster Riverdale Country School, 1977: "loyal, concerned educator, ... considerable intellectual capacity,... recommend him with considerable confidence".

Karl Otto, Elizabeth Irwin H.S., NYC, 1972 "very competent physics instructor... excellent command of his subject".

Dr. Herbert Priestly, Knox College, 1972: "conscientious, imaginative, innovative, ... leader in the group."

Stanley Bosworth, Headmaster St.Ann's Episcopal, Brooklyn Heights, 1971: "Intelligent, responsible and dedicated educator".

During a recent training contract with the State of Illinois 90% of his students rated him exceptional or above average in 3 out of 4 categories evaluated. Mr. Merry is available for private training and group business training sessions, and for consulting in business, internet, training, microcomputers, and energy.

Personal Phone References are available.

*(Copies of original letters available on request)

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