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Ray Merry, the Director of Training, started teaching at 16 and at age 23 was an Assistant Professor of Physics. His many years of experience in education include college prison programs, high income and high IQ private east coast prep schools, alternative schools, public schools, Universities, summer boarding programs, adult education, music schools, computer schools, and ESL Schools (teaching English in Brazil).  He has trained in subject matter including physics, mathematics, biology, music, swimming, yoga, computer software, hardware and repair, internet, and other matters. He is currently in Brazil, teaching English and working on the Internet. He has developed curriculum and courses in science, science and society, solar energy, software, computers, internet, computer repair, English, and other areas.  He has initiated, created, developed and administered numerous educational programs including solar energy, computer programs, private schools and specialized technical training programs.  Because of his many years of experience in computers, software, business, and education, he knows what is important to teach, how to teach it, how to hire and supervise good instructors, and how to assure that they are attentive to their students needs at all times. All this means you will get quality training and or curriculum when you come to Rays Consultants!



English Professor (for native Portuguese Speaking Brazilians), Curriculum Development and Writing, PLAN Idiomas Direcionados, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Wrote over 29 lessons and taught special customized Advanced Oil and Gas English Course for Clients of PLAN. Taught other clients in standard intermediate and advanced English classes commencing September 2008. Professor of English with IBEUV, and Summer House English School (Brazilian Language Schools), 2002-2007 in Vitoria, Cambouri, and Vila Velha, ES, Brazil, and with my own company.  Also did English translation (from Portuguese), English writing-editing and Internet work.

Adjunct Professor of Physics, KEISER COLLEGE, 1500 W. Commercial Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309. Tel: (954) 776-4456 Teaching Introductory Physics to College Students, every other month, January 2005-December 2005 and Sept 2007-May 2008.Used the Internet extensively for classes, used MS net meeting, MS Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and Skype, for online voice and video contact with students, business colleagues and family. 

In 1988/89 contracted by the Department of Commerce and Community Affairs (DCCA) of the State of Illinois, in conjunction with the Business Industry Development Center of Lincoln Land Community College, Springfield IL to set up and conduct a series of 3 day intensive Energy Accounting/Weatherization training sessions.

Vocational/Adult Experience at Lincoln College, Lincoln Illinois 1978-80 on campus and at Logan Correctional Center (medium security prison) Developing Course and Materials and Teaching Solar Energy and Energy Auditing Program.

Over five years equivalent full time experience in College technical, and adult education, starting as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Ohio University from 1960-62, including an Assistant Professorship in Physics at Eastern Kentucky University in 1963-4, Demonstrator in Physics at the University of Adelaide in South Australia 1964-5.

 Courses ranged from easy non-technical adult special interest courses to complex technical material in advanced undergraduate physics.

HIGH SCHOOL TEACHING: Over 5 years full time experience in High School Physics, Physical Science, Algebra, Chemistry, Science & Society in settings ranging from exclusive East Coast Prep Schools to Midwestern public high schools. Starting with St. Ann's Episcopal School (for gifted children) in Brooklyn Heights NY from 1969-71; including Elizabeth Irwin H.S., NYC, 1971-72; The Ark, Mt. Tremper & Woodstock NY, 1972-75; Riverdale Country School, NYC, 1975-77; Ridge H.S., Basking Ridge N.J. 1977-78; and Porta High School, Petersburg, IL 1978-80.

ELEMENTARY & DAY CARE: 2 Years equivalent experience in working with children from 11 years of age up, at St. Ann's and The Ark. One summer setting up and co-teaching a 6 day a week, 24 hour a day boarding program for children of artists at Cummington Community of the Arts in Cummington Mass.

CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT AND ADMINISTRATION: Developed numerous innovative educational programs and curriculum materials. Expanded the lab program for 4-10th grade science at St. Ann's Episcopal School. Reorganized and revitalized the Science program at Elizabeth Irwin High School in New York. Founded, organized and directed The Ark, an Alternative Jr.-Sr. High School in Mt. Tremper, N.Y., from June 1972-Feb. 1975. Supervised staff of 3 full-time and 12 part time teachers at this Independent, experimental school near Woodstock, N.Y. Organized workshop programs summers 1973 and 1974. Reorganized and ran The Transformation Foundation, non-profit corporation acting as umbrella for school. Also had temporary writing position with Westinghouse Learning Corporation in New York developing individualized instruction modules in science. Developed my own curriculum for Solar and Energy Conservation Programs for Rays Consultants, Lincoln College, Logan Correctional Center, and the DCCA of the State of Illinois. Developed curriculum for numerous PC software programs, including Windows, Internet, PC Repair, A+ Certification, MS Office, MS Access and others. Developed several ESL courses including Oil and Gas English.

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