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We offer training in English, Computers, Physics and other technical and non-technical areas in Portuguese and English We can prepare a special class for your business or you can take our classes privately or with others.
Training Program Design and Implementation:
We set up training programs and write training manuals and curricula.  We train teachers of English and other areas.
We are specialists in evaluation.  We can set the goals for your program, do pre-tests, provide or monitor the instruction and then do the post tests.  If you wish to evaluate your present training programs we can set up or find the tests to do this.  As impartial observers, we can help you find out who is and is not doing a good training job in your company.
Immersions and Special Events:
We will prepare special events for your themed party, barbeque, special occasion, or retreat.  For periods of two hours to two days or more we can prepare a special entertainment or learning event in English DVD's.
US Sports:
Let us prepare a special sport event from the US.  This can be for non speakers as well.  We will set up and explain the rules, terms, and strategy and then either play the game (football, basketball, baseball) or watch it and discuss it with your guests.  Examples, NBA playoffs, Super Bowl, College Football, World Series Baseball, etc.

Monopoly and other games can be used to demonstrate economic and business principles or just to have fun.  We also have many role playing situations to train negotiation skills and to improve English, or to just have fun.

Some of Our Classes in English:

English (all levels beginner through advanced), Oil and Gas English, Writing Interaction Workshop (English), Interaction in English, Preparation for the Exam for the Michigan Certificate for Proficiency in English, Preparations for the TOEIC and TOEFL Exams in English, Business English,  English Through American Sports, Using the American Internet Sites,  Media and English (Rock, Pop, Country and Children's Music, English for Musicians, Children's Music, DVD's of Popular Movies, Sesame Street, etc.),  English for Travelers and Tourists, Interaction in English, Business/Commercial English,  American Banking and Financial Terms and Use, etc. Click for more details

Computer Classes

Microsoft Access, Introduction to Computers, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Office, Computer Repair, A+ Computer Technician Certification, Microsoft Front Page, Corel Photo Paint, Internet Design.   You can receive training in any of these areas privately or with a group at your company. For details click or contact us.  

Special Classes

Physics, Mathematics, and numerous other areas are available as well. If you don't see your class above maybe it does not exist.  See us about creating it or finding someone to teach it.  We have created many curricula for previously untaught classes and can do the same for you.  We have created classes for Solar Energy, Science and Society, Physics for 5th Graders, Science Fiction (High School Literature Class), Using the Internet, and Email, Word Perfect, Build Your Own Computer, Windows, Computer Repair, Word Processing, Web Design, English Writing, English and Music, etc.

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