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Let Ray Merry Develop your Technical or "Not so technical" publications. His many years experience in technology, education, and writing means he knows how to get the job done!

Because Ray Merry started early in life teaching physics, he was forced to learn to explain technical matters in a way that either bright or average people could understand. Since this teaching involved tests, lesson plans, student outlines, and many other documents he also became a very clear writer. His Professional Energy Analyst Software Manual, published in 1983, was widely acclaimed for its clear explanation of complex energy and computer terminology. In fact one purchaser claimed "This is the best computer manual I have ever read". Since Ray has continued to teach and consult in computer related matters, he is still developing written materials which the lay person can understand.


Green Fuels Energy Conversion, May and June 2008. Performed research feasability study for modifying autos to be powered by Compressed Natural Gas, for Ricardo Achcar, Mocelin Auto, and Mechanic House Auto Repair. Created report with market study, and proposal for business. Unfortunately conditions currently were not as favorable for this business as we expected. Due to Environmental Protection Agency Regulations the cost of conversions in the USA were about 7 times as expensive as in other countries.

www.greatexpo.org November 2007- February 2008. Wrote and edited much of the material for this web site promoting their renewable energy trade show and conference to be held in 2009.

www.writersforhire.com Nov. 1997 to 2002. Developed and authored complete web site for writers Agents Company.  This web site allows writers to use online forms to register with the company, allows Publishers to list projects for writers, and allows writers to view active projects, as well as viewing information on the company.  It also has an online discussion and other features.  Developed and wrote help section for authors publishing on the web.

DIRECTOR OF WEB OPERATIONS Feb. 1999 through October 1999 http://www.dmwnet.com/: Digital Media Worldwide, Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  Directed Web Operations for web site creation, hosting, E-Commerce, and sales company started February 1999.  Helped owners start and run Internet/Client side of Company.  Interfaced with Owners, Customers, Web Authors, Administrators, and NT Engineers.  Found and recommended Internet Contracting Companies, set up Hosting Plan, Wrote and edited Sample webs and web site templates, authored and published web sites, set up web authoring and other company procedures.  Wrote and set up extensive Help and FAQ sections on Corporate Web, helped Company owners set up E-Commerce, Real Audio, and other technical matters.  Also supported customers, sold add-ons, set up Local Area Network with computerized account tracking using ACT Database. Wrote Forms and procedures for employees, form letters to administer sales, and customers, and database forms and proceedures to administer web site progress, and print notifications.  Set up search engine registrations, performed and managed other internet related functions, trained apprentices in web site creation, and supervised freelance and in house web site authors. 

User Manual VSI, Waterford MI, April 1997. Prepared user manual for VSI, for their Guarantee Time Division in Michigan. This vertical market software is written for Windows 95, for Golf Courses and Resorts with Courses. It contains several modules including Point of Sale, Tee Time Booking, Event Booking, Inventory, and Setup. Ray learned the software with a little assistance over the telephone and developed the user manual, including screen shots of the various sections.

RAYS ENERGY CONSULTANTS, 1978 to present. Prepared all Technical literature and sales and promotional literature for print and for the internet Using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Aldus Pagemaker, Corel Photo Paint, Microsoft Front Page and other software. Ray has created all of the literature for his company and its Web Productions. Web Site: www.raymerry.com   Developed Web Sites for Astran Books in Miami, www.astranbooks.com and consulted and assisted United Parts, www.united-parts.com with their sites. Scanned photos, massaged photos and graphics for the web, and constructed animated gif graphic files.

PRESIDENT, DREAM VEHICLES, Inc 1995-1997.  Founded this Corporation March 1995.  Self developed all the correspondence, sales, and most Internet materials for it.  Literature developed with MS Word, MS Publisher, MS  Front Page.  Web Site: www.dreamvehicles.com

Professional Energy Analyst: 1983-89 wrote much of the program in Basic, originally for the Commodore 64. Then with the assistance of other programmers Ported the software package to over 12 different types of microcomputers, including Apple 2, TRS 80's, CPM machines, Commodore 64, and IBM PC compatibles. Wrote the 300 page user's guide and several articles and documents related to energy (see MEDIA section) including "Energy Usage, Costs & Records", a 100 page document explaining energy usage, utility billing, and other energy related matters. Software customers included AT&T, Carnation, Hewlitt Packard, Prudential Realty, State of Illinois, and over 150 other businesses, governmental agencies, utilities, and small energy firms.

TEACHING: 1960-Present Numerous Lesson Plans, Course Outlines, Tests and Other Publications for Teaching for Computer and other Classes. Experienced in technical/manual writing with graphics and desktop publishing, and development of curriculum and training in special areas, including microcomputers and energy. 1997 Win 95 Course Outline for Computer Class of Florida and Software Cellar, Ft. Lauderdale, FL;

CURRICULUM EDITOR, WRITER: High School Science Sections, Project PLAN, Westinghouse Learning Corp., New York, N.Y., Aug. to Dec. 1972. Revised sections of individualized programmed instruction packets for high school general science and physics courses.

MOLECULAR DEVICE ENGINEER: Norden Div. United Aircraft Corp., Norwalk, CT, 1966≠67. Research and Development in microelectronics, also wrote and edited spec manuals for technicians.



A Few of the Many Web Sites by Ray Merry*

Ray Merry and Rays Consulting: www.raymerry.com 
GemÍos Engenharia Ltda (bilingual), www.twinseng.com.br 
Digital Media Worldwide, Inc. www.dmwnet.com
Writersforhire, Inc. www.writersforhire.com
Dream Vehicles, Inc. www.dreamvehicles.com
Susman Duffy and Segaloff, P.C.www.susmanduffy.com  
Animal Busters www.animalbusters.com   
Rising Sun Express www.risingsunexpress.com
American Speed Enterprises www.amerspeed.com
All Star Packaging-www.allstarpackaging.com
Broda Enterprises Inc.-www.brodaseating.com
Dusty's Camper World www.dustysrv.com
Foster Andrew & Co., Inc .www.faci-usa.com
Global Golf, Inc. http://www.globalgolfinc.com
Gutter Ridge Harley http://www.gutterridgehd.com
John Wise Assocciates http://www.johnwiseassoc.com
J.S. Tools Corp. http://www.jstoolcorp.com
Lannin Bros., Inc. http://www.lannincp.com
Modern Components http://www.moderncomponents.com
Princeton Jewelers http://www.princetonjewelers.com
Realty 2 http://www.realty2-appr.com
Simms Chevy http://www.simmschevrolet.com
Sherwood Motel http://www.sherwoodmotel.com
Southern Copyroll http://www.southerncopyroll.com
Souther Agency http://www.southeragency.com
Waste Disposal Equipment http://www.wastedisposalequipment.com  
Watauga Eye Center, P.A. http://www.wateye.com

* Some web sites may have been modified, updated, or removed since Ray created them.


    Integrated Circuit Fabrication, Norden Division United Aircraft Corporation, Norwalk, Connecticut
    Space Physics, Solar Flares, Radiation sections of Proposals to NASA, Lockheed, Burbank, California
  • MS Thesis in Solid State Physics, The Hall Effect in CD-ZN Alloys, Ohio University, Athens, OH
  • "Science and Society - A Step Toward Relevance in Science for High School Students", The Science Teacher, 40, II, pp. 47-48, Feb. 1973.  Also developed a curriculum for this course with the aid of the National Science Foundation.
  • "The Ark, A Learning Matrix", descriptive literature, press releases, articles for the media, interviews and appearance on radio and cablevision shows in the Ulster County area of New York, 1972-75.
  • "Vibratory Motion", Jr. Model for Teaching, Croft NEI Publications, Oct. 1975.
  • "Energy Units", Southwest Bulletin, New Mexico Solar Energy Association, p. 2, May 1978.
  • "The Professional Energy Analyst", a series of Software Programs for Energy Conservation, including a 300 page manual, 1983-87 Published by Rays Energy Consultants, Pompano Beach, IL.
  • "How to Establish the Correct Degree Day Base for Energy Monitoring", Energy User News, p. 26, March 1985.
  • "Understanding Energy Costs", Illinois Home Builder, p.17, vol xii, No 3, March 1988
  • "Getting the Energy You Pay For", Illinois Home Builder, p.15, vol xii, No 5, May/June 1988
  • "Finding the Lowest Cost Energy", Illinois Home Builder, p.22-3, vol xii, No 6, July/August 1988
  • "Energy Usage, Cost & Records", Rays Energy Consultants, Pompano Beach FL, 1989
  • 1983 to 1994 Rays Energy Consultants, prepared and published bi-monthly newsletter for clients.
  • 1980-Present: Numerous Sales Flyers, Correspondence and Other Business Literature for Rays Consultants, Dream Vehicles, and others.

Home Editing, Translation Writing Expertise Sample Manual