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Learn with those who know!

Our Training Suits Many Needs, Expectations, and Budgets.

 Whether you are an individual, or a small or large business, we have courses and training that can be of great use to you.  We offer courses in English, Computers, Internet, Business and other specialized areas.  For our business clients we do employee, course and class evaluations and testing, and specialized training courses for their employees.

Personal Attention

All of our clients get personal attention.  The first thing we do is to arrange a meeting with you and one of our personal counselors.  Our counselor will discuss your needs and if you are a potential student, give you a written and oral test to determine your ability.  Based on your ability and needs we will recommend the right level, courses and instructional program for you.  If you are in a group with other students, we can place you in many different levels, which helps reduce the differences in learning ability between you and your fellow students, creating a much better learning environment for you and them.  If you are the smartest person in class you are probably not learning as rapidly as you can, on the other hand the slowest person probably is not either!  By properly placing our students they all learn at an optimum level.

Types of Training to Fit Any Need

Our courses include private instruction, group instruction, computerized instruction, or any combination of the  three.  You can take as little as one hour or as much as forty hours a week.

Quick Results With Intensive Classes

If you want results fast you will want our quick results “Intensive Classes”.  Meeting 6 hours a week or more you can advance three times as fast as you can in the usual classes.

Intensive Immersion Courses 

We also offer weekend or full week  “immersion courses”.  We can come to your site or we obtain a site where we do intensive training for a weekend or more.  You must read, speak, and work the subject all day long.  For example if you are on an English Immersion, you must speak only English for one or two days or more.  This gets your brain in the English only mode, which you need if you are going to travel abroad or be in meetings with English Speakers.  This also works for other subject areas.

Private Instruction Available

Those who want the best usually pay a little more for private instruction. We also offer economical, tutorial classes with up to 5 students.  For the advanced students and businesses we offer larger classes including our exciting group discussion English classes. 

The advantages of private instruction are: 

bulletYou learn at your own pace, not that of the slowest student in a group class.
bulletYou can choose the number of hours you want to study per day and the number of days per week, and take them during the time of day you prefer.
bulletYou can cancel and re-schedule classes at no extra cost provided you notify us at least 24 hours in advance.
bulletYou get 100% of the attention of the instructor.  Consequently you'll learn better and faster. 

Home Teaching Method Training Expertise English Classes TOEFL Exam Prep