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Welcome to Ray Merry's
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This page was started 11/26/95. The Search Engines have tips about what each service does and does not do. This makes it a good starting point for beginners trying to find information. Our Trade Links, specialize in local businesses and have links to others in the Metaphysics, and Amusement Provider Trades. If you would like to be listed send us an email with your address a brief description of your site and permission to link to you. We would appreciate anyone adding links to us in their home pages. Contact us at

Ray Merry

Online stories and other information delivered to your site keep it new and changing, keeps people coming back!

A hotlink is a place in the page you can click on to be taken to another page or website.  We have a page full of these called Great Links 

Search Engines and Directory Services

These Computers will help you find sites and information on the Internet. Select the one you want to search with!

My Favorite Search Utility is webferret from ferretsoft
This software allows you to put in simple or sophisticated search strings and goes to all the major search engines for you!  The basic software is free.  Just go there and choose the free download, then install it.

If you want to do it the hard way here are some individual engines you can go to:

Starting Point This place is where you start your searches, it in turn links to other more specific types of searches.  Basic search engine.
Info Seek
A place to get information on the web, not just web sites.
Yahoo Internet Directory Information by categories
WEB Crawler ..automatic indexer of web sites, once notified of your site, WebCrawler is strictly a spider; it retrieves and indexes the text of your web page.
Google of course is the most popular of search engines, but often I use Yahoo instead, each has its own strengths.

GTE Yellow Pages Directory of U.S. yellow page listings. Searchable by Category, Business Name, City, State, Zip, Phone, Keyword. Returns Business Name, Address and Phone Number. No Email addresses or Web Pages, but a good way to find businesses to phone, mail, or then look up.

WebDirect! TM is a global business directory easily and quickly searchable by over 3000 yellow page headings and doesn't required a website to be listed. (Free listing, link, website not required; many enhancement options available for free.) Unfortunately it does not allow any refinements in the search and thus is pitiful. For Example Searching for Employment Agencies brings up 933 listings, and there is no way to further limit the search by city, state, etc. You must then browse through all 933 listings to find the one you want!

AAA Matilda is a service for announcing new URLs With over 15 Million Audited Hits each year. Your website will be listed for 21 days after which you may choose to pay for a full year. AAA Matilda also offers a Free full twelve month listing, provided you are a non profit organization and you place a link to them somewhere on your site.
Great for looking up businesses on the net you know the name or type of
BIG Book
Great for looking up businesses and 800 numbers!
YPO.COM The Yellow Pages Online business directory can be searched by keyword, company name, or associated brand name. See Yellow Pages Online for paid upgrade options to your listing
People Find:   Great place to find people.

Listings of New Web Sites: What's New Too!

Other Web Information Sources:

AT&T Free 800 Directory Get 800 phone numbers by company name.

Surface Mail carriers....
Press for UPS
Press for Fed. Express
Press for US Postal Service


Submit your web site free to 34 Sites at If you have a business web site this is one way to get it registered with 34 sites free and easy. There are over 200 sites at the present to register with, but services which register on all these cost money.

Great Place for Lots of Software:
Shareware Software (

Business on the Net Info

Here are some sights with good articles on internet commerce
Internet Commerce
Need a Job or an Employee???
Press for High Tech Jobs

Local Sites

These are some other internet sites in the Fort Lauderdale, FL Area.

Press for CMark Associates
Press for City of Ft. Lauderdale Info
Press for Ft. Lauderdale EMail White Pages.
Press for Ft. Lauderdale Information of all Types
Press for United Parts... Auto Parts to Brazil, and other Latin American Countries

Another Full Page of Excellent Sites and Reference Sites
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