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The following page is part of a software user's manual we recently developed for one of our customers:


Using the ProShop Module

Chapter 1, Starting The Proshop Module


The ProShop Module is designed to manage all your bookings and outings. Before it can be used properly the system must be designed in the System Design Module. You also should have installed any printers, modems, or other devices in Windows 95.


Starting the Program

Begin the ProShop Program by clicking the Shortcut to it on your Windows 95 Desktop.


Opening Drawer Amount

If you have previously run this module, but you are beginning a new day the first thing you will see is an opening Drawer Amount. Enter in the amount you are putting in the cash drawer (this is actually part of the Point Of Sale Module, which we will discuss in the Point Of Sale Manual).


Opening Screen.

Above we see the opening screen of the ProShop Module. The very top line is the Window Title, "ProShop Version XX by GuaranTEE Time", where X.X would be 2.0, 2.5, etc. depending on the version which you are running. The Next line is the menu line. Each word on this line is the name of a drop down menu. For example if you left click on the word file, or hold the Alt Key and hit F, you will open the file menu. Alt + E opens the edit menu, etc.

Manual Copyright 1997 Ray Merry, Software Copyright GuaranTEE Time

Home Editing, Translation Writing Expertise Sample Manual