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Chapter 1 End Of Chapter Solutions

Lab 1.1 Review Questions

1. A monitor requires one cord and one cable to function properly. True
2. Most keyboards have their own power source. False
3. Providing that a keyboard and mouse connector physically appear the same, they are considered electronically interchangeable by the computer. False
4. You are a desktop support technician at the PC Store. Matt, one of your customers, has called you with a problem. He explains that he just finished moving his PC and reconnecting all the cables, but now he is getting error messages and both the keyboard and mouse won’t work. What is the most likely cause of Matt’s problem?

Answer: Matt has most likely plugged the mouse and keyboard into the wrong sockets.

5. Another customer, Judy, also has just finished moving her PC, but now the monitor screen is blank. She explains that the power light for the monitor is turned on and that the system unit power light is also on. Which cables would you ask Judy to check first?

Answer: Judy should check the cable between the monitor and the computer first.

6. Describe how to clean a mouse.

1. Turn the mouse upside down.
2. Locate and remove the cover of the mouse ball.
3. Remove the mouse ball.
4. Inside the housing of the mouse ball, you will find several rollers. Clear these rollers of debris.
5. After clearing any debris from the rollers, replace the 
mouse ball and cover.

Lab 1.2 Review Questions

1. All DOS system disks are “bootable."
2. When viewing a directory list with the DIR command, the “.” represents the parent directory. False
3. A DOS system disk cannot function properly without the IO.SYS file. True
4. You can use the Edit program to create DOS system disks. False
5. What files are required for a DOS system disk to function properly? 

The following files are required for a DOS system disk to function properly:


6. You are working as a PC desktop support technician at the Fun Job Corporation. Kyle, one of your customers, just rebooted his PC after copying some files from a disk to his hard drive. Kyle says that he is receiving the error message, “Non-system disk or disk error,” and it keeps repeating that error no matter what he does. Describe what the problem is and how Kyle should resolve it.

Answer: Kyle has mistaken left a non bootable disk in his floppy disk try. To resolve the problem Kyle must remove the floppy disk and reboot his computer.

Lab 1.3 Review Questions

1. EDIT is the DOS equivalent of the Notepad program.
2. A folder is another name for a directory. True
3. In the Windows 9X environment, the Temp directory is a holding area for deleted file. False 
4. Al has finished writing a grocery list for himself in Notepad. He normally keeps personal documents in a folder called Personal, which is located on his Desktop. Describe the steps Al must complete to save his grocery list in his Personal folder. 
Answer: Al must complete the following steps:

1. Click the File menu.
2. Click Save As.
3. Click the Save in drop-down menu and click Desktop.
4. Double-click on the Personal folder.
5. Type a name for the file in the File Name text box.
6. Click the Save button.

5. For what does Windows 98 use the Recycle Bin?
Answer: Windows 98 uses the Recycle Bin to temporarily store deleted files.

6. You are employed at the Happy Day Corporation. Bill, the manager of your department, has a laptop with Windows 95. He is new to the Windows 95 environment and is trying to shut down his computer. List the instructions you would give Bill to properly shut down his Windows 95 laptop. 
1. Click the Start button.
2. Click Shut Down.
3. Select the Shut Down the computer? option in the Shut Down Windows dialog box, and then click the Yes button.
4. Wait for Windows to completely shut down and tell you that it is safe to turn off your computer.

Lab 1.4 Review Questions

1. Although the design of the Windows 2000 suite was based on Windows NT, it has been created to replace both Windows 9X and Windows NT operating systems. True
2. In Windows 2000 the My Computer icon has been replaced with the My Control Center icon, also referred to as the MCC. False
3. Windows 2000 still uses the Recycle Bin. True
4. Jacob has saved all his work files in a folder named Work located on his D: drive. Now, he would like to read a work file called oldtasks.txt. Describe how to locate Jacob’s work file using Windows Explorer and how to open oldtasks.txt.

Answer: Jacob must complete the following steps to open oldtasks.txt using Windows Explorer.

1. Right-click the My Computer icon.
2. Click Explore.
3. Double-click on the D: drive icon.
4. In the right window pane, double-click on the folder named Work.
5. Double-click oldtasks.txt.

5. Amanda would like to purchase Windows 2000 and install it on her PC at home. Amanda’s home computer has the following configuration:

550Mhz Pentium III
256 MB of RAM
15 GIG hard drive
CD-ROM Drive
Sound card
Digital Camera

Amanda uses her home computer primarily for homework. Given Amanda situation, what version of Windows 2000 would you recommend for her and why?
Answer: Windows 2000 Professional is best suited for Amanda’s situation because she will not need the additional computing or features that are included with other version of Windows 2000.

6. List and briefly describe the operating systems included in the Windows 2000 suite.
Windows 2000 Professional—This OS is designed to ultimately replace both Windows 9x and Windows NT Workstation as a personal computer desktop or notebook OS. It is an improved version of Windows NT Workstation, using the same new technology approach to hardware and software, and includes all the popular features of Windows 9x, including Plug and Play.

Windows 2000 Server—This OS is the improved version of Windows NT Server and is designed as a network operating system for low-end servers.
Windows 2000 Advanced Server—This network operating system has the same features as Windows 2000 Server, but is designed to run on more powerful servers. It supports many processors and can support up to 64 GB (gigabytes) of memory.

Windows 2000 Datacenter Server—This network operating system is another step up from Windows 2000 Advanced Server and is designed to support up to 16 processors. It is intended for large enterprise operations centers.

Lab 1.5 Review Questions

Circle True or False.
1. The md command can be used to make a new directory. False
2. rm –i –r /mydir/test101 will remove the test101 directory and all of its subdirectories. True
3. “man pages” supply detailed information about command usage in the Unix and Linux environment. True

4. Emily would like to delete the following file:
Type the command to delete the temp.old file.
(Be sure to include the entire path)

Answer: Emily must type the following command:

m –r /home/Emily/temp.old

5. Use the man pages on your Linux lab workstation to identify four flags that can be supplied to the shutdown command and describe the meaning of each flag.

Answers will vary but can include any shutdown flags.

6. Use the “man pages” on your Linux lab workstation to find out about three options that can be used with the ls command. Include a brief description of how the output will be formatted.

Answers will vary and can include any ls options.

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