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Here are Course Descriptions of Some of Our English Classes:

  • Oil and Gas English Course Program: This course will be an Advanced or Intermediate English Course with focus on the English Terms and Concepts used in the Petroleum and Combustible Fuels Market. The class/company can choose part or all of the 37 oil and gas, energy, legal, financial, and environmental topics related to the energy business. These topics are designed to be completed in one 90 minute session each. Material will be delivered as reading, video, web-site or other assigned task, followed by discussion, reading, writing, mock phone calls or other role play on the subject or related subjects.

  • English for children: The course will be divided in two groups: One with children of 4 Š 7 years, still unable to write in Portuguese, and another group with children of 8 to 12 years, that are already able to write.
    The group with children of 4 to 7 years: The children with those age will have a form of special learing, they will learn English through games, songs and physical activities. The child will learn English in an entertaining easy way, with noticable results after the first month of class.
    The group with children of 8 to 12 years: The children in that age not only will learn to speak, but will also learn to write and to read the language, with exercises and activities appropriate for their age, which are simple and entertaining. This group will also produce results after the first month of class 

  • Beginning English: An English course for beginners.   We have courses for adults, teens, and children.

  • Intermediate English: An English course for Intermediate students. 
    For these two courses we use widely recognized books, CDís, Videos and computer software to make the most of your time with us. The course is designed for speakers of Portuguese, but speakers of other native tongues can also easily take this course. The emphasis is on speaking, but grammar, listening, and writing work is included.

  • Advanced English: Fluent speakers and even teachers of English can take this class to learn interesting facts, keep their English current, and expand their capabilities.  For special groups or private classes, content can be customized to the area of interest of the student. Work includes listening to and watching videos and reading articles of interest in English. Diagnostic exams and remedial materials are available to fill in specific gaps or weaknesses in grammar and other areas.  

  • English for Travelers and Tourists:  If you are getting ready to travel and want to be ready to speak English in a hurry contact us.  We will do the best we can to prepare you whether you are a beginner or advanced student.  Learn how to speak to customs, open bank accounts, write checks, use credit cards, order food, etc.

  • Interaction in English: A class based on group interaction and discussion in pairs and small groups. Current events are taken from the Internet and presented to the class as reading and discussion classes. Students read the articles out loud, go over new vocabulary and concepts, then discuss in pairs, small groups, or as a whole. Because of the nature of the selected articles concepts in philosophy, science, politics, etc. will be discussed and mastered by the students as well as basic English concepts. A book with grammar concepts, collocations, and tape/CD is also used, as are current songs in English and Movies or Videos (advanced intermediate or advanced students only).

  • Business/Commercial English:   Intermediate/Advanced English focusing on business terms and concepts.  This class is especially good for intermediate and advanced students in business, or others wishing to prepare work in export-import, travel, foreign trade, or for study for the MBA (In the USA an MBA is a Master's Degree in Business Administration) or other business areas.  Students use prepared materials and also articles taken from the Internet on Business, etc. as a basis for their reading writing and speaking work.  We introduce you to the basic vocabulary and concepts used in Business in The United States and other parts of the world. We also do role playing in basic business techniques such as hiring, firing, negotiation, training, computers, and the Internet.

  • Bilingual Business Forms:  This short workshop type class allows you to bring in electronic forms which you use in Portuguese, and we help you prepare a bilingual form.  Especially suited to Excel or other Spreadsheet forms.

  • 30 Days to the TOEIC:  The TOEIC Exam is used by many Companies from Brazil and other non English speaking countries to test the ability of their employees to do their work with English speaking clients.  Our course is designed to prepare intermediate or advanced students for the TOEIC test, which they use to see if their employees or prospective employees are adequately qualified in English. This class takes 30 sessions of one hour each, or it can be condensed to one week (6 hours a day for 5 days, or 6 days at 5 hours) or one month (4 days a week, 2 hours a day)

  • Preparing for the Michigan ECCE or ECPE Tests:The Michigan  Test for The Certificate for Competency (ECCE) and The Test for  Proficiency (ECPE) in English  are used to see if students are prepared to attend school or take a job in an English Speaking country.  Every year over 55,000 students take these exams. Only intermediate (ECCE) or advanced intermediate or advanced students (ECPE) can take these classes. The class tests and builds skills in composition, listening, speaking, and grammar.  Sample tests are included along with analysis of results, i.e. why are some answers right and others wrong.  Students are taught skills of test taking, as well as improving up their English.

  • Preparation for the TOEFL Exam:  The TOEFL exam is required for entrance by nonnative English speakers to more than 2,400 Universities in the USA, Canada, and elsewhere. It is also very useful for many occupations such as English Teacher, Travel Agent, Import-Export, etc. There are three types of TOEFL exams you can take, the old paper based exam, the newer computer based exam, or the best, the new Internet Based Exam. Actual scores required vary with the school and the type of exam taken, but there are some norms. We will meet with you, interview you, and determine if you are ready for this course (strong intermediate level or above), which test type you need to prepare for and when you need to take it. One of the things we will do is to give you a practice exam. From the results we will determine any special strengths or weaknesses you have and customize your study based on that. We have special books with practice tests for each of the parts of the exam, explaining why the answers are what they are, and with special tips on how to improve your scores. We have CDís with test sections and practice sessions, so you will listen to and be exposed in advance to the same types of things you will receive on the test. Our classes are small enough so that your instructor can customize your study based on your individual needs. The class meets 2, 4 or 8 hours per weeks depending on the period of the course (1 month, 3 months, or 6 months) and your needs. 

  • Writing Interaction Workshop: Advanced Intermediate, and Advanced students only. Minimum 1 Ĺ to 2 hours per session, one or two sessions per week. This course will consist of the study of different types of written documents including Emails, Abstracts, Memos, Proposals, Business Letters, Restaurant Reviews, Travel Articles, Press (Media) Releases, Research Papers, Short Stories, and Web Pages. Students will first study the essentials of the type of document, then write one, then read their composition to the class. As a result students will have the opportunity to work on style, grammar and vocabulary, as well as to develop their creative and writing abilities. Because of the interaction and reading, students will also continue to develop their conversation skills.

  • Setting up Web Sites with American Domain Names: (.com, .net, .tv, etc.) (requires ability to read English) Learn how to set up sites with American web names like suanegocio.com, myimpressa.tv, miatia.net, etc. American web sites can end in many different three letter domain abbreviations including .net, .com, .tv, .med, to name a few. Many of these names are now available to you. Take this class and learn how to find what names are available, register them, and host sites there for as little as $200 per year. 20 hours.

  • Music and Video in English: We have many videos and CD's in English ranging from 4 year old level and up, including Betty Boop and the Three Stooges Cartoons, as well as Classic children's songs (Old MacDonald, Bingo Was his Name, etc.).  We can set up classes, immersions, or special parties with sing alongs or watching and discussing Popular or classic movies in English.  We can provide lyrics for the songs, and in some cases scripts and dialogue for the movies. Tell us what you want and we will probably be able to get it for you.  This is great class for a one or two day intensive English session for Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, or others, as well as for children.

  • Targeting American Search Engines: Take this class and you will learn how to design your web site and make it show up on American search engines. We will use several techniques to do this. You will see special software, Web Position Gold in operation, and you will learn to do many of the same things manually. Special Skills you will develop: Search Engine Positioning, Writing and designing web pages, hidden text, meta-tags, Ö

  • English Through Humor:  We have accumulated over the years many jokes and cartoons in English.  By reading and discussing the jokes we learn many of the intricacies of the English language. For example a punch line of a joke is "Your job is to give Elmo two test tickles".   To understand this joke the person needs to understand the comparative sound "testicles" and the differences in the two meanings.

  • Banking and Finances in the US:  US banks use different procedures than the Banks in Brazil in this mini-course we take you through the types of bank accounts you can have in the US, check writing, paying bills, using online banking,  sales, real estate and income taxes, capital gains, and other basic economic concepts.  This class is useful for travelers and business people thinking of doing business in the US.

  • English Through Sports: Learn English and Sporting Vocabulary in this class.  There is a special vocabulary for sports in the USA and elsewhere and it is useful not only in sports, but in business and other areas as well.  For example "He is a home run hitter" can be used to describe someone who will really finish the job in business, but it comes from a baseball term.  We can study American Football, American Basketball, Baseball rules, strategies and terminology in this class for the sports enthusiast and or for the person needing the proper business terminologies.  This class is great for one or two day intensive immersions.   We gather a group, discuss the rules and vocabulary for the game and actually play and or watch the game afterwards.  If you want something special for a company or individual barbeque or party count on this!

  • Special Classes:  If you need something not listed, ask us.  Chance are we can do it for you!

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