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Writing Interaction Workshop

Advanced Intermediate, and Advanced students only. Many English courses and their included students concentrate on English Conversation, at the expense of writing. Yet many professionals (doctors, business people, etc.) as well as students planning to study abroad, also need to be able to write English clearly and correctly. What kind of impression do you think you will make on a business contact or professor if you cannot communicate your ideas to them correctly in writing?   The purpose of this course is to improve your ability to clearly communicate your ideas in writing in English.

This course will begin with simple writing, then we will work on organization and different methods of creating and organizing the written document including : brainstorming, research, outlining, and using idea charts.  Documents we will write will include Emails, Abstracts, Business Letters, Travel Articles, Research Papers and Short Stories. Students will first study the essentials of the type of document, then write one, then read their composition to the class. As a result students have the opportunity to work on the style, their grammar and vocabulary, and their creative ability, as well as developing their writing ability. Because of the interaction students should also develop their conversation skills. 

About the Professor: Raymond Merry, the professor was born, raised, and retired in the US, but is now a resident of Brazil.  He began writing (in English) at an early age. By age 24 he had written a thesis in Solid State Physics, several proposals and technical articles and instruction manuals for Lockheed and Norton Electronics and coauthored a bibliography on lasers with among others, BA Lengyl, a famous laser pioneer.  He has published articles on education, energy conservation, and solar energy, as well as authoring press releases, Internet web sites, software manuals, and many other types of documents. He has been a teacher for over 40 years and is well versed in Microsoft Word, the most popular word processing software. He has lived and traveled in many areas with many types of people.  All of this means you will have a rich environment to foster your writing skills, and an interesting class.

Home Life in the 1500's,'Ed' Pronunciation English Writing