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COP 1822 Web Design with MS FrontPage 2000

Class Guidelines-Spring Term 2001

Instructor: Ray Merry,www.raymerry.comEmail:

Required Texts:

1. Microsoft FrontPage 2000, New Perspectives Series, Course Technology, Jessica Evans & Roger Hayen, ISBN 0-7600-6472-5

2. Web Page Design, Stubbs, Barksdale, Crispen, South-Western Educational Publishing, ISBN 0-538-68997-8

Required Materials: At least 6-3.5 inch Floppies, and a 3 ring binder for your diskettes, tests, and notes. See directions on the page facing pp1.03 in the Front Page book for directions of how to use the floppies. 

Some assignments require special files. To get the files necessary to complete assignments you can download here or go to:

Optional Reference
: Using FrontPage 2000, Que Division of Macmillan Computer Publishing, USA Randall &Jones, ISBN 0-7897-1910-x  Excellent reference book for those wanting more details and possibilities.

See my website for assignments and special notices: www.raymerry.comclick on students, then FrontPage 2000  

Grading will be a combination of POP quizzes during class, plus lab work and Exams. 

Points toward final grade:  Mid-Term 100 points: Labs, Quizzes and Assignments 100 points; Final Exam 200 points (100 in class +100 take home).   Students caught cheating will flunk the exam. 2nd offenders will flunk the course. (Total Points approximate, Exact Points subject to change) 
Letter Grade Equivalents: >= 90 =A; 80-89=B; 70-79=C; 60-69=D; <=59=F 

Contacting and communicating with me: Since I am an Adjunct (part time) Professor, I do not have an office on campus. You may contact me 30 minutes before my classes (7:50PM) Monday Evening, or as privately arranged. Since labs and quizzes are given during class (some without notice), attendance of all classes is important. Unless you give advance notice of missing a class you may not be able to make up those grades.  

To contact me outside of class please email at: --------   In an emergency call --------. Please let me know if you have trouble getting books, or if you have any other difficulties. 

Study the assignments and best of luck. I am looking forward to a productive and enjoyable class with you!

Ray Merry

Home Class Guidelines Wed Eve Assignments MS FP DataFiles Course Content Final Project