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COP 1822 MS FrontPage 2000

Course Content-Spring Term 2001

Instructor:             Ray Merry,,  Email:

Course Content:

I.                    Overview of the Web and Web Sites.

a.      Basics of the Internet, Web Pages, and Web Design

b.      What is available on the Web: HTML, Graphics, Animated Graphics, Flash, Video, Sound, Streaming Audio and Video, Web Casting

c.      Active Pages vs. Static Pages, Scripting, CGI, JSP, and ASP, Java vs Java Script vs. Jscript.

d.      Ecommerce.  How can you do Ecommerce, can you use MSFP to do it and how.

e.      What are Servers and Why is the type of server important.  What is Personal Web Server and why is it important.

f.        What are Front Page extensions and why are they important

g.      Strategies in planning and setting up web sites.

h.      Multiple Access Web Sites.

II.                 Why use MSFP

a.      What is MSFP

b.      FP vs. Dream Weaver

c.      Using other products such as MSWord, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, to edit your Web Site.

III.               Fonts, Graphics and Graphics Software:

a.   Fonts and font substitution   

b.    Why you need graphics software and other programs.

c.     Photoshop vs Corel.  Vs PaintShop Pro

d.     Bitmaps vs. Vector Graphics.

e.     Preparing graphics for your web site

                                                               i.      Photos

                                                             ii.      Drawings

                                                            iii.      Animations (Animated Gifs vs. Flash vs. Real Audio/Video)

                                                           iv.      Why use text as a graphic

                                                             v.      Tables and using them to format

f.      What is resolution and how do I set up for it?

g.        What are Browser versions and how do I deal with them.

IV.             Creating and Revising Web Pages,  Tutorial 2

V.              Using Lists, Hyperlinks, Pictures, and the Tasks Lists Tutorial 2 

VI.             Creating Tables and Frames in a Web Page Tutorial 4

VII.            Creating a Web Site with Shared Borders and a Theme Tutorial 4

VIII.           Publishing a Web Site,  Tutorial 4

IX.             Creating a New Web Site on a Web Server Tutorial 7

X.              Integrating a Database with a FrontPage Web Tutorial 8

XI.             Using Office Components and Styles, and Working with HTML Code, Tutorial 9

Home Class Guidelines Wed Eve Assignments MS FP DataFiles Course Content Final Project