Monday Evening 5:40-8:10 PM Class Assignments 
Term 2001-I  Web Design

Date No Assignments Cover in Class
10-Sep-01 1 Go over Outline, Books, Web Setup Do PowerPoint Demo on Web
17-Sep-01 2 Read Chap 1,2 and 8 in WebPage Design. Do the tutorials in the chapters. Create an HTML page in class as in Unit II outline Go over more HTML, discuss cut and paste, show what happens with MSWord in HTML
24-Sep-01 3 Tutorial 1.1 in MS FP2000 Create an HTML page with a graphic inlcuded Go PowerPoint on Graphics (Unit III),  DNS Servers, Domain Names, Webs, Web Sites FrontPage, Made a page w html with a graphic.
1-Oct-01 4 tutorial 1.2 in MSFP, do Quick check, Review Assignments . Hand in Case problem1 #1-14, p 1.46 Go over Creating Web, site & page, spell check, format a page, print it, view it, bkgrd picture sound, insert a picture, horizontal line and marque. Did student log ons webstudent01... 
8-Oct-01 5 Tutorial 2, Case Problem #1, 1-17, Start Tut3 Went over Import, Nested Lists, Bulleted & Numbered Lists, Bookmarks, Mailto, Converting a Picture p 3.28, Transparent Colors
15-Oct-01 6 Review, Start Mid Term Practical Exam Went over graphics, graphics w links, 
22-Oct-01 7 Mid Term Exam Multiple Choice, Practical Done, Publish to your web Do Multiple Choice, check their sites for include file. Give some time to Finish 
29-Oct-01 8 Tutorial 3, Do lab in class and Go over Practical Exam. Do Case 1 p 3.54-3.55 Student Evaluations?  Go over Definition List, Multiple Links to Bookmarks, Importing files, Copying/Moving Webs, Prac.Exam, 3 levels of Web: Html, web, FP Extensions. Did Tables, drawing vs creating, cells, splitting, merging, inserting, properties: border, background,.
5-Nov-01 9 Tutorial 4, Creating Tables and Frames, Do Case 1 p. 4.53-4.54 to hand in. Do quick check and review on your own. Go over tables vs cells and borders and width, including and formating graphics. Hyperlinks view and target of view, Go over Frames: Creating, views, target links, printing in browser, Discussed Class difficulty, etc. Had 1 hr of lab time
12-Nov-01 10 Tutorial 5 Creating a WebSite with shared borders and a Theme, Case 1, p. 5.48-5.49 to hand in.Do quick check & review on your own Go over Tutorial 5, "Shared Borders and Theme":Changing Picture Characteristics, Hot Spots, adding text over graphics, hover buttons, page transitions, shared borders. Did import wizard.
19-Nov-01 11 Tutorial 6, Publishing a Web Site, Forms, Checking Links, etc. Do Case 1, Qk Chk & Review on your own. Nothing to hand in. Go over DHTML, page transitions, browser specific, TextAnimation vs Marguees. Rename a page to index.htm. Shared borders: top or left, bottom or right. Including navigation bars. Adding pages to the Nav Bar, moving pages on the Nav view, renaming nav text. Editing a shared border. Set up personal web server, only half had PWS. Could not publish. Did Forms
26-Nov-01 12 Tutorial 7, Creating a new web on a server, Discussion Groups. Do Case 1, Qk Chk & Review on your own. Nothing to hand in. Start on Project. Continue on forms, show how to pick options for output, different types of controls, renaming controls for a Database. Did some on setting up a Discussion Page, Got most of class working on PWS or IIS. 
3-Dec-01 13 Databases and Front Page Tut 8. Work on Project Bring Scanner, go over Scanning, resolution, types of Graphics for source of scan art work vs print vs fax. Inserting a graphic in a table, making a border. Discussed absolute vs relative hyperlinks related to graphics referenced in pages which are then moved.
10-Dec-01 14 Work on Project. Project due at end of period. Discussed creating and output to a DB from a Form, CSS Sheets. Worked on projects, had a few problems with 
17-Dec-01 15 Final Exam