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Assignments for TS 1010  Johnson & Wales University, Ray Merry Instructor

Mon/Wed 12:20-2:20  Term II November 2000


Class #


30-Nov-00 1 Intro to Course, Prospectus, Start Excel Tutorial A
1-Dec-00, Friday 2 Excel Tutorial A Skills Review, pA-21 hand in #5
4-Dec-00, Monday 3 Excel Tutorial B, Hand in Concepts Review and Skills Review 
6-Dec-00, Wed 4 Test on Tutorial A & B
11-Dec-00, Monday 5 Excel Tutorial C Formatting, Insert name at top, Print Hand in Sheet (p C16)
13-Dec-00, Wed 6 Tutorial D Charts, Insert your name,Print/Hand in the Chart PD16
18-Dec-00, Mon 7 Work on Tutorials C&D Concepts & Skills Review due
20-Dec-00, Wed 8 Review, Test Tutorials C&D
Holiday Break   Have a Happy Holiday!!!
8-Jan-01 8 Tutorial E, Hand in Tutorial E Sheets
10-Jan-01 9 Tutorial F, Hand in Tutorial F Sheets
15-Jan-01   No Class Martin Luther King Day
17-Jan-01 10 work on Tutorial E&F Concepts & Skills Rev Due Team Test E&F
19-Jan-01 11 Friday Finish Test, Tutorials G &H
22-Jan-01 12 Review, Practical Exam Given out
24-Jan-01 13 Final Exam Excel Units A-F
29-Jan-01 14 Access Tutorial A, Hand in Tutorial Sheet
31-Jan-01 15 Access Tutorial B, Hand in Tutorial Sheet
5-Feb-01 16 Access Tutorials A&B concepts and skills review due, Test A&B
07-Feb-01 17 Tutorial C Access, Hand in Tutorial Sheet
12-Feb-01 18 Tutorial D Access, Hand in Tutorial Sheet, Test C&D
14-Feb-01 19 Tutorial E Access, Hand in Tutorial Sheet, Do Concepts and Skills Review on own 
19-Feb-01 20 Tutorial F Access, Hand in Tutorial Sheet, Do Concepts and Skills Review on own
21-Feb-01 21 Practical Exam Access
22-Feb-01 22 Final Exam Access

Home Assignments TS 1010 TS 1010 Prospectus