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Access Final Review Notes
Topics/Concepts to Know:
Principles of Databases. Flat File Databases, Relational Databases, Types of Data, Sorts vs Indexes, and Keys; Master Keys, Uniqueness of Keys. Arranging Data, Tables vs Databases.
Access vs. SQL, Oracle, FoxPro, etc. Using Access, Creating a Database in Access, Creating Tables. Creating Forms, Creating Reports, Modifying a Database Structure, Creating Queries, Creating Data Access Pages, Understanding How to Start Access and Use Menus and Toolbars and Wizards to accomplish any of the above.
Chapter 3: Database Concepts
Database in Access, a container holding data and associated objects.
Database objects include tables, forms, queries, reports, macros and modules.
Access can only work with one Database at a time, but you can have many tables, and other modules in one database.
A table is a container for raw data or records.
Know what the following are: Records, Fields, Values, Objects, Views, Datasheet (can be part of a table), Queries, Dynasets (dynamic set of data), Data Entry and Display Forms, Reports
Chapter 4: Tour of Access
Know How to Use the mouse and keyboard in Access
Know these terms and concepts: Access Window, Object Windows, Title Bar
Control-menu button (also right clicking menu bar), How to Move, size minimize, or close
Menu Bar, Toolbar
Status Bar.. left side shows status. Right side gives key status
Database Window: object buttons, toolbar buttons, object list
View Choice: Large Icons, Small Icons, List, Details.
Design Windows: Toolbox, Color, Special Effect and Border Windows for Forms
Field List Window, Property Window
How to Use the CD in the Book and Installing Examples from the book:
Stick CD #1 in, Find Samples Folder, do setup from this folder only
Note folder name where samples are put! Then load each table in access as directed in the book.
Be able to Open the Mountain Animal Hospital Database, then Pets Table
See Pets Datasheet, Moving through…Know how to:Go to Design View..
Displaying a Form Click on Forms, Pets, view form then click on design view.
Do a simple Query: Click on Queries Button, select new, add, pets table,
Double Click Pet Name to add to query. Add breed and Type of animal to the query. Go to the Criteria Row for type of animal, type DOG in the cell. Click on the ! cell to run the query.
Display a Report: Click reports button, select Pet Directory, Select Preview Button
Show the zoom with the mouse on the report.
Chapter 5: Database Design
7 Step Method of Designing a Database:
Catch 22… Which comes first the chicken (report) or the egg (tables)Finding out what the client wants and needs, and what type of data is available.
Overall System Design
Report Design (Output)
Data Design (Fields)
Table Design (Relationships)
Field Design (Validation)
Form Design (Input)
Menu Design (Automation)
Table Design and Relationships
Terms to Understand:
Combo Boxes
Scroll Boxes and Lookup Tables
Test Data
Data Entry Screens
Menus and Automation
Chapter 6: Creating Database Tables:
Creating a Database
What is an Access Database?
Using the New Database Window
Blank Database vs a Template
What are Data Access Pages? Live data forms that you publish to a corporate intranet.
Object Types:
Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports, Pages, Macros, Modules
Data Access Window Toolbar
Starting a Table:
Using Wizard
Table Design
Naming Fields
Data Types:
Text, Memo, Number, Date/Time, Autonumber Yes/No, Ole Object, Hyperlink, LookupWizard
Problems in Converting Data Types… Lab and Lecture Related Items:
Creating A Query From A Wizard
Running a Query with the ! Button
Query Sorting
Setting Criteria in a Query
Combining Sort and Criteria
Boolean Algebra 
Symbols = > < >= <>
and or parentheses () date > 1/1/99 and hour < 12:00 AM
Forms from the Autoform Button on the Standard Toolbar
Creating a form from the Wizard
Getting help on forms. 
Changing a Form Created by a Wizard
1. Creating a Columnar Report from the Menu using Insert Report
2. Creating a Auto Tabular Report
3. Printing Reports
Data Access Pages
1. Creating a Data Access Page
2. Finding and Opening the Page
Objects on a form or reports, such as a label or text box.
Types of Controls:
Basic: Label, Text Box
Enhanced Data Entry and Validation:
Option Group
Toggle button
Option or radio button
Combo box
List Box
Command Button or Push Button
Tab Control
Graphic and Picture Controls:
Unbound object frame
Bound Object frame
Page Break
Three Basic Types of Controls: Bound (to a table field), Unbound (keep value don’t update table fields), Calculated (expressesions, functions, e.g. age (calc from date and bday) 
Creating a Control:
Dragging a field from the field list window and adding a bound control
Clicking a button in the Toolbox and adding (unbound)
Default Properties by clicking on the Toolbox, then properties… Setup a Query, Then do a form in design view. Pull fields from query, show properties, etc….. 
Importing and Exporting Data
Why do we need to do this?
Know some of the many different types of Database’s: Dbase III,IV,V, FoxPro, Oracle, Text, Paradox (Comma, Tab, or Space Delimited) …Be able to open a table in Access and Export it as any of the above file types.Be able to import a table from any of the above types into an Access Table
Be able to attach to an exterior Access Table, or any of the other above.
Calculated Fields
Be able to combine fields to make a field or calculate fields and display the result on a form or report.
Be able to create fancy forms, forms from queries with multiple tables, and convert a form to a report.

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