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Newsletter, July 2007

Well, here I am again, still kicking!  Maybe a little the worse for wear, but much better than I was last March and April.  I twisted my back in my sleep, and then aggravated it by standing and walking the next day.  I finally had to go back to the USA for treatment, since I could not find any chiropractors here.  After the first treatment the first day in the US I began to feel better, and after about 10 treatments I was fine.  Hurray for Chiropractic in the USA, they do not seem to have much of it here.  My US Chiropractor did a search of his association and the nearest Chiropractor he could find was in Rio, but at least next time I won’t have to return to the US!

So, I missed about a month’s classes, but saw the USA again and visited with my sister, niece and friends.  Now I am still trying to get my classes up to par and earn a decent living.  Meanwhile we are teaching at IBEUV in Vila Velha, and Idiomas in Vitoria again, besides my own private students.  I am teaching beginners, intermediates, and advanced students.  We have several small groups now in addition to my private classes.  I have a small Intermediate Conversation class on Saturday mornings from 8-10 AM at the Champagnat Praia Hotel in Praia da Costa here in Vila Velha which includes a breakfast buffet!  My new apartment is very handy, near shopping Praia da Costa and the center of Vila Velha, where most of my classes are.  It is also only 30 minutes from my apartment to Praia do Canto, where I have classes on Tuesday and Thursday.

Special Prices

We are offering some special promotions this month in order to fill up some of our vacant time.  One of the things is a special price for midday classes for the  hours from 10:00 through 12:00 Monday through Friday and 14:00-17:00 Tuesday through Friday in Vila Velha.   Two hours a week is R$ 160 per month, four hours a week is R$300 per month, eight hours a week is $R 550 per month and 16 hours a week is $R 1000 per month (this is equivalent to eight months classes in one month).  This offer applies to new or returning students only!  Sign up now because at this rate these hours will be filled shortly.*


Ray currently has the following hours available: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in Vila Velha Centro,  Tuesday and Thursday Mornings and Evenings in Praia do Canto in Vitoria.  Other times and places as arranged.  See the schedule below for open hours now.

Bonus for New Students!

If you are a student and know someone else who wants to start classes you can win one hours class free for yourself and for them by indicating them to us.

*Offer for new or returning students only

Home Up News, Jan. 10, 2007 News Feb. 2006 News, April 2006