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Preparation for The TOEFL Exam: 

What is the TOEFL Exam?
The TOEFL exam is required for entrance by nonnative English speakers to more than 2,400 Universities in the USA, Canada, and elsewhere. It is also very useful for many occupations such as English Teacher, Travel Agent, Import-Export, etc.   

Where and When Can I take the Exam?
There are three types of TOEFL exams you can take:

  • The paper based exam. 
  • The computer based exam. 
  • The new Internet Based Exam. 

All but the new Internet Based Exam are given frequently at numerous sites in Vila Velha, Vitória, and elsewhere in Brazil.  The Internet Based Exam requires a special Internet Testing Facility, which currently is not available in Brazil, and just became available in the US in 2006.

How High a Score Do I Need?
Actual scores required vary with the school or organization requiring the exam, and the type of exam taken, but there are some norms which we will discuss with you, based on your needs and the school or other organization wanting the test results.

How Do I know If I am Ready and This is the Best Test for Me?
Before the class you may meet with us for a free counseling session.  We will meet individually with you, interview you, and  determine if you are ready for this course (strong intermediate level or above).  We will also help you determine which test type you need to prepare for and when you need to take it. 

Why Do I Need to Take Your Course?
Of course you could study on your own, or if your English is at an Expert level you may not even need to study.  However most Brazilians have several problems in English and lack experience taking this type of exam.  Our course will:

  1. Determine your strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Improve your weaknesses. 
  3. Prepare you for the type of exam you will have.  

At the beginning of the course we will give you a practice exam.  From the  results we will determine any special strengths or weaknesses you have and customize your study based on that. As we go through the class we will  give additional tests to show your level of improvement. We have special books with practice tests for each of the parts of the exam, explaining why the answers are what they are, and with special tips on how to improve your scores. 

Our special CD’s have simulated TOEFL test sections and practice sessions, so you will listen to and be exposed in advance to the same types of things you will receive on the actual test. Our classes are small enough so that your instructor can customize your study based on your individual needs. 

How Long is the Class?
The class meets 2, 4 or 8 hours per weeks depending on the period of the course (1 month, 3 months, or 6 months) and your needs. 

What is Your Current Schedule?
The next group class starts May 6 in Vitória at Edificio Alphaville Trade Center, Sala 601. 

The class starts at 1 PM and lets out at 3 PM.  The sessions cost  R$ 160 per month and end in December. Call 8812 0001 (Ray) or

for registration or more information.

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